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is your starting point for performance and cost advantage for small to medium scale businesses deployment. When you need professional, enterprise-level features on a system that is aordable, the DX Series is the way to go.

Designed with superior storage capability on a upgradable platform, the security of your operations will be well taken care.


Ultimate processing technology for up to 240Mbps VMS workloads


Live display up to 48 channels


Configurable to Redundant Storage System (RSS), in single parity mode, allow for single disk failures before any data is lost


Up to 50 Terabytes (TB) of video storage with 5 hot swap HDD bays 


Automatic network fail-over feature to ensure uninterrupted recording operations


Installed with Heartbeat 2 microprocessor for machine automation


Featured Shield technology is a virtual overlay that protect your system from read only



Automatic daily hard disk drive health check, disk guard and recording activity for potential CCTV no recording monitoring


Ensure peace of mind with the 3 years next business day warranty*. Optional TrueBlue Care support Pack.

* Depends on country and parts availability


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