Product Features ECA 3.5 Surveillance Software Performance Tech Specs

EX Series
Professional recorder for medium and large scale facilities

Ideal for factory installations.

Factories and large workshops deserve a scalable surveillance system. The EX Series allows you to start small, and then grow your system to include up to 64 cameras. It is also highly configurable to your specific needs and feature network redundancies to help ensure video feeds are never lost.

64CH HDCCTV performance
ASupport up to 64CH 1Mpix workload or 32CH 2Mpix performance with live display and recording at one.

Built-in with network redundancy

Automatic network fail-over feature to ensure uninterrupted operation

120 days. Massive storage.

9 bay hotswap dedicated video storage. 120 days with HD (1Mpix) resolutions continuous recordings. Or 60 days with FULL-HD (2Mpix) resolutions continous recordings.

* Based on 16 channels. 4TB x 9unit.

Seamless integration between IP + Analog
This machine can support up to massive 64CH analog or 64CH IP in single machine. Or in any combinations of analog and IP in total 64CH total capacity.

* Support up tp 4 analog capture cards with any combination of 16CH, 8CH or 4CH a card model.

Disk check. Automatic

Automatic daily hard disk drive health check, disk guard and recording activity for potential CCTV no recording monitoring.

Solving Your NVR Problems.
GSF can help you overcome common NVR issues such as performance, stability, and miss-use, as well as technical and integration problems.

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