Product Features ECA 3.5 Surveillance Software Performance Tech Specs

Tech Specs
EX Series

Storage   Dedicated Video Storage

Nine hot swap HDDs bay for dedicated video storage support nine 3.5-inch SATA HDDs.

One external hot swap able SSD for OS
use only. For Ease on system maintenance
and support.  
  Video storage configurations

720HD@64CH, 30days: 36TB (4TBx 9unit)
720HD@32CH, 60days: 36TB (4TBx 9unit)
720HD@16CH, 90days: 36TB (4TBx 9unit)
1080HD@32CH, 30days: 36TB (4TB x 9unit)
1080HD@16CH, 60days: 36TB (4TB x 9unit)

Max dedicated video storage: 36TB (4TB x 9unit)  
Display Triple monitor output supported

Max resolution 4096x2304 (4k, HDMI/DP) 
Max resolution 1920x1200 (DVI*)

*Supports DVI to VGA Conversion  
  Live Display Performance (for HDCCTV)

1080HD 32CH (2.86Mbps) 07FPS each CH
1080HD 24CH (2.86Mbps) 12FPS each CH
720HD 64CH (1.43Mbps) 07FPS each CH
720HD 32CH (1.43Mbps) 12FPS each CH

NOTE: Performance may very depend on video surveillance software.  
Hardware Platform
(ECA 3.5)  

Dual LAN (RJ45 connector)
10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
Fail-over redundant network (2Gbps)
  Processor, memory, audio

Intel Xeon E3 Quad-core 8 threads processor
8GB ECC system memory, 1600MHz DDR3
Audio line out jack, 3.5mm (Green)  

Programmable micro controller for system auto healing and monitoring. Digital I/O. connectable to CMS Alarm. 12-hour self sustain with in-built lithium polymer battery.  
Security Key

128-bit Blowfish encryption algorithms. Paired uniquely for each machine. For system authentication, save settings and system recovery  
Software Built-in (ECA3.5)     Operating system (OS)

Triple Layer ECA-OS version 4.2.
64bits OS architecture. OS core engine powered by Microsoft ® Windows Embedded 7.  
  Video surveillance software

Supported VMS: Axxon Next, LuxRiot, NUUO, Exacq Vision, MileStone, Vivotek, Axis, Geovision, AverMedia, HikVision.

*Contact us for other supported software  
    System monitoring software

Guardian software watchd dog for NVR, which monitors application and general system health.
  Intelligent software sensors

Smart Logic, video content monitoring sensors, with automatic daily hard disk drive health check, disk guard, disk activity monitoring for potential CCTV no recording activity, and network traffic in/out activity monitoring.  
Electrical & Dimension     Power consumption

Line voltage: 240V AC
Frequency: 50Hz, single phase
Power outputs: 450W (max)
Continuous power consumption: 300W
  Size & weight

Depth: 465mm
Width: 430mm
Height: 176mm

Approx. Weight: 23kg
Form factor: 4U rack mount

Service & Warranty     3* years  international phone support
3* years extended hardware warranty
3* years carry-in next business day parts replacement

* with optional TrueBlue™ Care Support Pack (Default system warranty is with 1 year only) Purchase the TrueBlue™ Support Pack to extend your warranty to three years and TrueBlue™ Professional for “machine failed” onsite support from your purchase date.
Models & Configurations     NNN-EXAADDMM-PPTBSSHB

Example: AXN-EX0016SC-16TB09HS
Axxon NVR Software, EX Series, 0CH analog, 16CH IPCCTV, configured in server client mode, and 16TB HDDs with 9 hot swap bay  
  NNN : video surveillance software code

AA : no of channel for analog inputs from dvr card

DD : no of channel for IP based CCTV license

MM : mode. (SC) server client with live display. (SM) server mode for video processing only without live display.

PP : factory pre-built video storage HDDs (xxTB)

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