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The self-run, self-monitor and self-recover computer platform.

ECA is essentially an Engineered Computer Appliance that is specially developed by GSF for HDCCTV surveillance. It is a sophisticated and ever-evolving platform with remarkable features that continue to redefine industry standards.


Round-the-clock hardware defence system

Heartbeat never stops working. It is always alert and constantly checks and re-checks the hardware platform to ensure continuous operation.

Able to self-heal even in case of critical breakdown
Minimises the need for onsite technical assistance
Triggers an alarm in the event of total failure
Heartbeat will continue to defend your system for up to 12 hours even in a power breakdown

Whether intentional or not, Heartbeat can detect operational failures and automatically work to resume operations. Heartbeat can help overcome common issues without the need to involve a system integrator or technician; for example:

Force Shut Down Scenario
Automatically powers back on in case someone ‘Force Shut Down’ the machine

Power Cut Scenario
If loss of power is detected, Heartbeat will send an alert signal to the system administrator within 6 seconds.

System Hang Scenario
In case of system halt/hang, Heartbeat will automatically work reboot the system and restore operation within 5 minutes.

Dynamic monitoring of operating system

Providing active, constant monitoring, the Guardian is a robust platform that virtually proofs your OS against system-related breakdown. Guardian oversees NVR software health status and video recording, as well as CPU and memory usage, ensuring optimum system performance, always.

This is especially useful when the CCTV software is closed – whether accidentally or on purpose that results in stop of recording. Guardian will automatically detect the closure and re-open the application ensuring recording can continue as usual.


Real-time video content monitoring

DiskHealth: Hard disk drive is about to fail

Smart Logic alerts you whenever anything unusual or suspicious happen, helping ensure your video evidence is always preserved. It uses an array of smart software sensors that detects any abnormal activity affecting the integrity of stored video content and the network.

Smart Logic can detect and send alerts to you when:

Hard drive is about to fail
When you’re aware that a hard drive is close to its life expectancy, files can be backed up and a new hard drive can be installed to prevent loss of video recordings.
Hard drive is being tampered
You can now be immediately informed if someone tries to tamper with your evidence. Knowing as-it-happens is better than knowing days or weeks later.
Hard drive is not recording optimally
Video recorder hard drives are meant to work continuously. Any lack of recording activity or gaps is a sure sign of recording problems and ultimately inconclusive evidence.
Network is disconnected
If loss of video feed is caused by a disconnected network, you’ll know immediately.
Video data is being streamed out or copied via network
You’ll be alerted when there is unusually high network bandwidth use, which normally means unauthorised streaming of video
Video data is streaming in lesser then the pre-defined value
You’ll be alerted when the streaming in data is below the threashold value. This is potential some cameras is downed or network switcher is offline.

Security Key
Secure system access

Digitally-encrypted and paired specifically to your machine, the Security Key eliminates unauthorised system access for total protection. Be it to rescue and restore the system, or change and save new settings; nothing gets done without the Security Key.

Instances when the Security Key is required include:

Execute and save any settings on the machine.
Soft Reset: to enable recovery from total system failure easily and quickly.
Hard Reset: when a system needs to be restored or reset by the System Integrator.
Remote Support: to enable your system desktop to be remotely controlled by our support engineers.

Triple Layer ECA-OS

Fast, hassle-free recovery

Even with advanced equipment, things can go wrong. The Triple Layer ECA-OS is an operating system that allows for swift recovery of operation in the event your system breaks down. 

It enables the system to be restored to working order easily by the end user, often in about 5 minutes.

Solving Your NVR Problems.
GSF can help you overcome common NVR issues such as performance, stability, and miss-use, as well as technical and integration problems.

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