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Video Surveillance Software.
That's works!

Manage your complex surveillance needs easily with one integrated solution
From a basic single server system to an advanced multi server, multi cam platform; the NUi is a powerful, flexible solution to manage all your surveillance needs. It features an array of smart functions to ensure the management of your surveillance system is streamlined, user-friendly and fully integrated.

Multi Functional yet Intuitive
A powerful video recording server that is able to display multiple live video streams and features 6 event detection and 11 integrated alarm responses. It is also designed for intuitive operation in an uncluttered, clear interface that can be learned swiftly by surveillance professionals.

Smart Playback

Enabled for easy and fast search of recorded videos, and features video enhancement tools such as sharpen, brighten and grey scale.

Instant playback

Event based playback

Calendar based playback search


Intelligent Backup

Features a multi-channel backup application for archiving videos remotely or locally, as well as a snapshot function that can capture the images of recordings and store them in a separate location.

One click Backup
assume you selected 4 cameras form time 10 a.m. to 1p.m. on September 9 for investigation. One click it will backup all these.

Self contains player
everything you need to investigate your CCTV evident, from embeded player, zoom in video for details, frame by frame analysis, and printing out. All in single USB stick.

Auto backup
automate the backups process daily or weekly on predefined times to local USB hard drive or network drive via iSCSI.

Remote System Access
Full remote access functionality for Live View, Playback and Backup systems for full control of surveillance needs when on-the-move. All these clients are licensing free.

Centralised Management System (CMS)
Puts everything into control. At control room, for large scale deployment.

CMS unifies all your NVRs under one easy, clear management console. This is the perfect solution to manage large scale installations and the ideal way to manage alarms. Easily schedule backups, edit alarms, and monitor all locations under one central interface. It enables operators to centralised controll all the NVR server from remote site. Lice display of all cameras and playbacks. Graphic interface with powerfull E-maps. Collects and stores all the alarms and special events for centralised management.

*CMS license sold seprately

Integrations Ready
Let's add some value in to our work flow to make our work more efficient

Point of Sales (POS)
This software is ready to insert any POS sales transaction into a fixed counter cameras. With this you are able to search any transaction in-prints with CCTV footage easily.

*POS license sold seprately

License Plate Recognition (LPR)
You will able to search any car license plate number with interagted CCTV footage as evidence easily. With addtional software database upgrade you will able to do "White List" or "Black List" car license plate with automation integrated barrier gate.

Card Access System
YAll cards transaction like time in/out, employee name, location of reader, and status of access either valid or invalid, can be easily imposed into the CCTV footage. And what important it is search able.

All Cameras Supported. Almost
Fully compatible with almost all the well known camera types, range from network (IP) cameras, analog cameras, and HD-SDI cameras. What else?, ONVIF cameras as well...

Download complete supported IP cameras list >

Fail-over Servers
In the event any of the 4 operational nvr failed, the standby hot spare nvr will automatic take over. What you need is to purchase addtional identical or larger capacity ECA server platform with fail-over server license. It's that simple!.

* Fail-over server license sold separately.

Intelligence Video
One of the best things about ECA default video surveillance software is by default it built in some basic intelligent feature in Smart Guard. Or you can upgrade it to more intelligent video analytics (IVS) with minimal fee.

Smart Guard
It comes with by default. For simple event detection and alerts.

Counting Application
It comes with by default. For basic statistic counting at your entrence or exit, for object like people or vehicle.

Video Anaytics (IVS)
Precise detection algorithm, hassle free setup, just activate into existing nvrs.Loaded with premium function like: Number of Detection ZOnes or Lines, People Counting, Temper Detection, Camera Calibration, Object Classification, Presence (Tripwire), Enter and Exit, Appear and Disappear, Dwell (Loitering), Tailgating, Stop, Direction, and Abondoned or Removed Object.

* Video analytics (IVS) license sold separately.

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