Product Features ECA 3.5 Surveillance Software Performance Tech Specs


 Enterprise-class live display system

High performance display technology in a small.
And lightweight package

Effective surveillance is only as good as the system that manages all the live video feeds. VMS combines superior processing ability with small form-factor engineering to deliver outstanding display performance. The system goes further to allow efficient management and real-time analysis of surveillance systems.

Centralised processing /management for thousands of video feeds with quick, intuitive operation.
Instant call-up of specific video feeds for maximum efficiency and minimum response time.
Fast access to backed-up videos and real-time alerts from system sensors.

Triple monitor outputs
Extended viewing coverage

Two mode of configurations.

A commonly design centralised operation control room usual with 2 major front end operation machine which is. Video Management Station (VMS) and Video Matric Client (VMC).

Video Management Station 
VMS is multi screen workstation to control everything from video live feed, playback, backup alarm handling, and even VMC. Usually one operator one VMS. all VMS is connected to CMS server via network, or direct to NVRs, in smaller scale design.

Video Matrix Client 
VMC a video wall display processor. Pre-Loaded with matrix video display client. It received signal from VMS and display accordingly to operator command. It can display information like any live feed video, playback or alarm handling, either by pre-set automatically or manual operator command.

Protected operation mode

Dedicated system for surveillance, disallows minimise of CCTV feed window and prohibits the functioning of non-essential software or applications such as games

Display Performance Problems?
GSF can help you overcome common HDCCTV display performance issues such as video lag, stability, and miss-use, as well as technical and integration problems.

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