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Always active, always alert.
Meet the Engineered Computer Appliance

The advanced system platform that runs, monitors and recovers by itself  

ECA automatically takes care of typical failures and unintended human errors, while it constantly works to ensure optimum system efficiency. You can now enjoy absolute peace of mind from a system that is designed to continuously operate, always.

Intelligence inside

The ECA platform is like having an engineer on standby inside your machine ready to automatically solve typical system issues. This artificial engineer monitors all hardware and software activity, alerts you in case of suspicious system behaviour and allows for swift recovery in case of failures.


A hardware monitoring system designed to ensure continuous system operation with minimal human intervention.


Oversees operating systemís health status and helps minimise the chance of a breakdown.

Smart Logic
Monitors video content in real-time and alerts you in case of any unusual or suspicious system behaviour.

Security Key
Allows for secure system access when conducting rescue or recovery operations.

Triple Layer ECA-OS
An operating system that enables your system to be restored to working order quickly and easily.

Real-life scenarios. Solved with ease.

ECA ensures typical system failures or issued are solved easily and securely, with minimal on-site technical assistance.

Scenario 1: CCTV Software Closed

Scenario 2: Misplaced Setting

Scenario 3: System Hang

Scenario 4: Force Shutdown

Scenario 5: Power Cut

Scenario 6: System Crashed

One appliance. Multiple Software

ECA support majority of well know video surveillance software off the self from market. With this appliance you can easily solve most of the computer problem, where it has been pre-tested in our LAB, so you can concentrate in your business.


Contact us for more information if your software is not listed here. Technically any software that is able to run under Windows 7 x64bits environment, it should able to run in ECA-OS, however proper integreation is required.

  Solving Your NVR Problems.

GSF can help you overcome common NVR issues such as performance, stability, and miss-use, as well as technical and integration problems.

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