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Always active, always alert.
Meet the Engineered Computer Appliance

The advanced system platform that
Runs, Monitors and Recovers by itself

ECA is an advanced system platform that self-run, monitor and recover. It automatically takes care of typical failures and unintended human errors, while it constantly works to ensure optimum system efficiency. You can now enjoy absolute peace of mind from a system that is designed to continuously operate, always.

Connected ․ Machine

ECA4 was designed with IOT in mind. It is cloud connected for machine status reporting, operation control, and recovery via cloud command*.

Linked with Pro-Active Service

With cloud connected data collection on machine status, we will be able to provide Ai (Artificial Intelligent) based machine monitoring. With linked to Pro-Active Service Engineers, this make mission critical application like surveillance (CCTV) the next level of support satisfaction *.

* via Wilson Cloud Service


Powerful Performance ․ Quality Built


Superb CCTV Workloads

All ECAs machine are pre-installed with Intel Xeon processor, paired with 8 or 16GB ECC RAM. Capable to handles up to 200 channels of cameras recording in a single system or 100 channels live CCTV monitoring as client workstation.

Quality Designed and Built by GSF

ECA4 is design and assemble by GSF in Malaysia. Start from the chassis structure design, air flown of every component parts in the ECA, and carefully engineered and hand-built by our passionate engineers.

x64bit ecaOS-5 powered by Windows 10

ecaOS-5 is built on top of 64bits Microsoft® Windows 10 Enterprise. It will be one of the modern world operating system for the next 10 years. ecaOS-5 will be much efficient, reliable and with greater performance that ever

Designed for Surveillance Storage

Redundant Storage System

All ECA4s are featured with redundant storage system (RSS*) as default. RSS is a technology in ecaOS-5 that protects your data from drive failures. Support massive storage up to 150 terabytes in single system, and capable to store 180 days of CCTV evidence.

* RSS powered by Microsoft® Storage Space


DiskGuard with Activity, Health and Disk Serial No. Tracking

All ECAs record the disk serial no. in each Bay, incase someone takes away your evidence and replaced it with a new disk. DiskGuard will constantly monitor all the disks activity, if the recording (write) is below the threshold, it will inform you on suspecting CCTV no recordings, as well as disk health monitoring and alerts.

Tested for Real VMS Workloads

All up to 600 Mbps bandwidth validated for its consistency performance. This was tested at GSF own TechLAB™. By simulating constant bit rate of 200CH video stream, continuous recording into 120TB of RSS Storage Pool (15units of 8TB Seagate Skyhawk AI).

Seagate® Validated with Very Good Performance

All ECA4s had been validated at Seagate Singapore Design Centre – The Shugart Technical lab for further performance test on vibration and resonance. We simulated the ambient of 55 °C condition with 15units of HDD installed.

Download Seagate ECA Test Report here


App Monitor

You can add any applications into App monitor and let Guardian act as watchdog, to supervise if your app is no responding, or if the app has been accidently closed, it will respawn the app automatically.

Session Shield

This is a protected OS, the system is operated under system memory (RAM) without commit any writes into the OS disk. System will discard all changes whenever system rebooted.

system monitoring

System Monitoring

Guardian will actively monitor activities for CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk drives in ECA. In the abnormal event triggered, Guardian will send alert to notify users or communicate with Heartbeat for self recovery.

ecaOS triple layer

Triple Layer Operating System

ecaOS is built in 3 layers,

Factory Layer is OS optimized level or platform ready level without user settings or configurations.

Deploy Layer is OS with all settings and congurations done accordingly to job requirements, or so called ‘Golden Layer’after system integrator done all the configurations for handover to user.

User Layer is the operating OS for user usage with Shield feature. Inthe event user layer is corrupted, you can command Soft Reset to the ECA for system recovery by loading the Deploy Layer. This only takes about 10 minutes, and the process can be done without any technical person’s assistance.


Heartbeat 2


Secured Cloud Communicator

Heartbeat is the communicator that sends data from ECA to Wilsoncloud. It also receives command from Wilsoncloud to authenticate orders for self recovery remotely. All communications are encrypted in RSA 2048bits SSL before transmit to the internet.

Auto Recovery Process

When authenticated order received from Security Key, Heartbeat will perform its own self system recovery to repair the ecaOS. It also stores triple layers ecaOS in its own onboard storage.


More that 30 sensors has been built into Heartbeat for ECA machine data collection and monitoring, like machine power detection, temperature, main-board, buttons, chassis, internet gateway, external I/O, system stage, etc. It also self-sustained for 12 hours with its own built-in lithium polymer battery.

Security Key Virtual CodePhysical Token

Security Key

Secure System Access

Security Key is uniquely paired to each machine with specific authenticator token. It can’t be cloned. Both Physical or Virtual Key are using 2048bits RSA encryption technology, to eliminate unauthorized system access. Furthermore, ECA Virtual Key is added with a time-based OTP (one time passcode), the code will change in every 30 seconds.

Command Order Authenticator

Security Key also act as a command order authenticator, to recue and restore the ECA system, or change and save new settings. Nothing gets done without the Security Key.

Authorized Shutdown

ECA was designed for 24x7 Surveillance applications, it is not suppose to shutdown, or forced to shutdown. The machine will boot up again, no matter how you try. No Key, No Shutdown.

Real-life scenarios. Solved with ease.

ECA ensures typical system failures or issued are solved easily and securely, with minimal on-site technical assistance.

Scenario 1: CCTV Software Closed

Scenario 2: Misplaced Setting

Scenario 3: System Hang

Scenario 4: Force Shutdown

Scenario 5: Power Cut

Scenario 6: System Crashed

One appliance. Multiple Software

ECA support majority of well know video surveillance software off the self from market. With this appliance you can easily solve most of the computer problem, where it has been pre-tested in our LAB, so you can concentrate in your business.


Contact us for more information if your software is not listed here. Technically any software that is able to run under Windows 7 x64bits environment, it should able to run in ECA-OS, however proper integration is required.

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