Face Recognition System
Precise and fast face recognition and matching
Artificial Intelligent
As good as you!

Faster, Lighter and More Accurate

Smart Logic ® FR System rely on neural networks are faster, lighter, and more accurate at the same time also good on partial faces (which includes people wearing masks) and faces at big angles. As well as offering facial expression, gender and age information.


Neural Network Based Algorithm
Smart Logic ® Face Recognition System (FRS) engine is based on neural networks, featuring all the benefits of the cutting-edge FR technologies.
Face Recognition That Works !
Decades of research and study, we nailed it at last.

Liveness Detection for Anti-Spoofing
Liveness detection distinguishes live persons and non-live person such as printed photo or images from smart devices. Liveness feature is important if you are using face recognition system (FRS) for critical application like door access, or door un-locking function.
  Face Recognition
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Work with Face Mask

Our neural based FR can recognize face with facemask on. Not only this, we can also detect 3 type of facemask status, with mask, no mask or mask not in place.
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Engineered to Perform
A good software must come with a hardware that well integrated together

High Performance
Running with our latest ECA44 10 cores 20 threads powerful processing server, we can archive 600 faces per minutes face recognition performance, or 1080 faces per minutes in peak detection rate, without a miss of single face.
  Unlimited FR Channel Process
You can connect as many camera channel as you wish for FR processing, as long as you are not over the workload processing rate mentioned. Our licensing counts by number of faces enrollment into the database.
Accredited World Acclaimed Accuracy
NDAA Compliance
The Smart Logic FR are designed for use as part of video analytics system which comply with NDAA 2019, Section 889.
FRS Accuraccy
NIST Ranked #2 in 2021
The face recognition engine module we used behind Smart Logic is #2 in the NIST FRVT 1:1 verification leaderboard and delivers outstanding results in the 1:N test (one-to-many matching). You get a super low false-positive match rate, top performance, and sky-high accuracy.
  Search by Photo
You can upload a photo, and search from the transaction records see if this person ever been detected in your premise before. Even some unknown stranger will be able to search in the system as well.
Face Tracking
When multiple surveillance cameras was link with Smart Logic FR, we can eventually track individual person where they has been at which location they appear before, sort by time stamp.
Statistic Analysis
Generate comprehensive report
FRS Gender Report
FRS Gender Report
FRS Gender Report
FRS Gender Report
Centralized Database
Share DB between Multiple FR Servers
All FR servers share the same subject database.
FRS Centralized database
SQL Database Server
We use enterprise friendly like Microsoft SQL Server
Easy Enrolment in Bulk
We support a standard folder and file name-based structure bulk photo, name and category enrolment.
Web Based User Enrolment
With web-based method, user can easily access via their laptop using general browser like Microsoft Edge to do user enrolment.
Automatic Event & Action
Alert if Violation Detected
If one employee is restricted to enter certain area, the system will send alert to client
FRS Event and Action
Door Disabled If Not Wearing Face Mask
Enabled condition to access door control if a person is not wearing a mask.
Children In Restricted Area
Smart Logic rule can set age limitation alert, example if below age 17 (children) detected in this area then alert security guard.
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