Visual Access Solutions (VAS)
Operational Effectiveness

What do you need to get connected
Just connect both software via license activation
Seamless Visual Access
Operational effectiveness

Instant search on events log plus CCTV footage simultaneously

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List of doors with status

Real Time Door List Status

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Names with photo

Cardholder list with Photo & Name

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Smart Filter
Doors . Cardholders . Events . Period of times

Events can be filtered based on time, door name, cardholder and event name

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Trigger an alert that brings relevant events into effective action

In the Event the “Door Left Open” Send Beep sound, Pop-up video, and pop-up alarm acknowledgments into Operator PC

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Access Validation Audit
Perform quick and easy access validation audit

Fast and easy manual validation audit in simple GUI

- Instant Playback validation check & compare
- Actual Card Holder Name & Photo

Acknowledge Alarm

Audit check all acknowledged alarms event

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