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Visual Temperature Screening
Solving long queues problem at affordable price
Temperature Screening Solution Explained

Manual Screening (manned) Auto Screening (unmanned)
Thermometer VTS Thermal
Price Cheap Affordable Expensive Expensive Expensive
Screening Process Slow Fast Fast Fast Fast
Medical Grade Temperature Accuracy
Record Name (Log Book) (Visitor & Staff) (Optional) (staff)
Record Contact (Log Book) (Visitor & Staff) (staff)
Visitor Self-Registration  (Log Book) (Web Form QR)      
Record Health Declaration  (eForm) (Web Form QR)
Personalized Own Branding    (Enterprise ver.)      
Use Case

How it works 
1. Scan QR Code or visit

vts step 1
2. Fill up your name and phone number

vts step 2
3. Receive your personal QR code on your phone

vts step 3
4. Point your QR code to camera at Checkpoint

vts step 4
5. Screening Officer scans your temperature

vts step 5
6. Your name, contact and temperature is recorded

vts step 6
Support Declaration Form
VTS Declare Form
Support Multi-language
Auto Data Recording
Temperature + User Data + Health Declaration
vts search
Can retrieve data remotely via network
Easy Report
Work with your familiar Sheets and Excel
The exported report can be used with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
vts report
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VTS User Guide
Contact number: +603-8090 8080 +603-8090 8080