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is VMS (video management software), comes with service support

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is the central point of sharpest vision in retina
blue eye, means backed by TrueBlue Service

VMS Evolution

Our decades of experience in achieving best quality of HDCCTV system design and first class service support, all combined into this piece of engineering marvel. Macula.


For the next ten years.

Macula was created with data integrations in mind, toward IoT trend. Yes, it is connected, with Pro-Active Service* capable.
* via Wilson Cloud


Efficient Performance

x64bits Architecture
Redesigned from ground zero, effectively support to latest Intel multi threading processor and Microsoft Windows 10 technologies. Two time faster than 32bit. Four times more workloads capacity (system memory).

Hardware Accelerated
GPU do all video rendering, CPU remain available for smooth software operations. Thus Reduce hardware cost. Applicable for both desktop and mobile app platform.

Multicast Streaming
Now the streaming server can handle larger clients connection without overload the server. Smart Streaming server pull video direct from video source, this means almost no CPU time is require.


Visual Data Solutions

By combining both visual and data, user can proof many concrete evidence to reduce losses yet achieve customer satisfaction.

Addons App
Enhance users usability, by addon more applications, like Access Control, Bar Code, LPR, FACE, Alarms, POS, Visitors Registration and many more…

With SQL database structure, virtually you can integrate any set of data you want with pair with visual form any cameras.

Data Over Network
With GSF VDS Collector Small-APP client and Collector Server, you can transmit/receive any data over the TCP/IP with SSL secured connection.

Backed by TrueBlue Support

When you need help during operations or technical. Macula comes with support service. Phone Support, Email support, Remote Support and Carry-IN Support. Or Pay-per-request TrueBlue Onsite Service. We are here.

Operational Effectiveness

Macula Monitor
One App do all, familiar single APP GUI with TABs, user performs all the necessary video management in Macula Monitor, inclusive Video Wall Control


Macula Console
Network connected configurations. You can perform settings and configurations, add servers and cameras, system audit and health monitoring. Easily, via remote., all in one familiar GUI APP.

 Evidence Search. Super easy.

Timeline Search
implest way to search by timeline of 24hr, 1hr, 10min, 1min & 10sec +forward or -backward. Across all devices.

Sequence Search
Picture Story. Its divide your evidence into 2mins frame block, and show you an overall thumbnail pictures what happened to that scene.

Smart Search
Intelligent motion search by region of interests.

Bookmark Search
You can manually bookmark an suspicious event or TAG an event automatically from event logic or Sensors / Digital Inputs.

Evidence Export.One Click!

To export video or image evidence. Yes one click, with pre-defined parameters.

Centralized Library Folder
All one click exported videos or images will store in library folder by default.

Cloud Synced
You can easily add the library folder into synced cloud drive. So you can see all the exported videos or images across all the computers (cloud synced). Support all major cloud drive like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

OneDrive        Google Drive        Dropbox


All Cameras Supported. Almost.

Virtually any IP cameras in the market were supported. More than 4000 models of camera in the market. As well as ONVIF Profile-S.

Download complete supported camera list >

Onvif Profile-G Edge Recording
Upon network lost, the camera (edge) will start recording in it’s SD card. And automatic sync back to server when network resume.

H.265 HEVC Ready
Save almost 40% of storage space with this compression.

I/O Device (Sensors)
Support Moxa, or network I/O module to collect more sensors data like magnetic or motions PIR.

Pre-recorded Video/Picture Files or RTSP
You can load any recorded videos files like AVI & JPEG as device source. This is useful as information / ADs display. Or any RTSP video source input.

Mobile Cameras
Turns any android/IOS device into surveillance cameras with audio, and manage them as one of the CCTV cameras.


Access from anywhere.
Any mobile device.

Macula Mobile
IOS or Android, Chromecast, MAC-OS native app download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Mobile Notifications and Control
Gets notified from smart logic events, like main door open or control car porch lights.

Live Broadcast
Live Broadcast any cameras to RTMP protocol, like YouTube, Facebook.

HTML 5 Web Client
Any modern web browser like Chrome. No plugins installation is require.


Smart Logic. Event and Action.

Always be in control. Automate your surveillance process.

Create any virtual buttons you want and define the functions, like one-click switch ON car porch lights and open the gate. These buttons will appear in all your mobile devices.

Inputs. Events
You may define what inputs event like sensors, data or from intelligent analytics.

Rules + Conditions
Create rules and set some conditions as like IFTTT (if this then that).

Actions & Outputs
Trigger any outputs you want like relays, send emails with snapshot, run external program files, send HTTP request, and many more.


Servers &
Enterprise IT friednly.

Fall-Back Drive
In smaller scale design, where failed over server is not in place, the fall-back HDDS in individual server or NAS maybe the helper to take over the recordings when main storage is failed.

Automated Backups
Macula Enterprise build in replicator, you can schedule any existing video archive to be backup over the network to any hard disk drives.

Failover Server
Sometimes very unfortunate event happened. You may need the WHOLE-SERVER failed over as backup plan. Macula Enterprise support multi group failover servers to any recording servers, via networks.


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