macula Specifications Add-on App Analytics

  available in 2 versions


Single Server Managed Deployment.

Centralized Multi Server Managed
Cost Effective

Macula Professional or Enterprise comes with default 2years TrueBlue Support Service.
The service inclusive, remote support, email support, phone support, or Carry-IN support.
Below are lists of licenses available in macula software series please consult GSF for advice.

24, 48, 72, 96 Channels

Start with Based Lic 100CH. Addons lic 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 CH.

Upgrade Plans
Macula Professional upgrable to any higher Professional CH version.
Macula Professional 48 or 72 CH upgradable to Enterprice 50CH addon Lic
Macula Professional 96 CH upgradable to Enterprice 100CH addon Lic.
Note1: Professional 24CH not upgradable to Enterprise.
Note2: All Professional upgrade to Enterprise addons license is required to have pre-purchased Enterpirce based license.

Update Plans
By Default all licenses come with standard 2 years update plan.
Option to purchase update plan for 2 years or 8 years.
Note1: You are not able to update macula software to newer version after update plan expired, however the existing license will continue fully functioning as per genuine licnese agreement.
Note2: Upon update plan expired, customer not necessary to force purchase to continue the purchase of update plan, they can skip for years or purchase again the update plan only when they feel necessary for the new macula version.

Addons APP
Macula support many type of Video Data Solutions addson APP, like LPR , FACE , Counting , Advance , Barcode , Access , Alarm, and more. Please consult GSF for quotation as different addons APP has differrent prices and service charges.

Analog Capture Card
4CH-AHD , 8CH-A , 16CH-A , 32CH-A in low or high profile single slot PCIex1 card

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All Macula software availble in both 32bits and 64bits version.

Macula Monitor
Main GUI APP for all daily operations

Macula Console
One App do all the settings and configurations

Macula Mobile
Android and IOS mobile app from Play/App Store
Google Play Store >          Apple AppStore >

Macula Portable Player
Copy this in the backup archive folder and play all the raw files or video files

Macula Server
Service mode no interface. Server is the one at background do all the 24x7 processing, all video recoding, video streaming and events/actions handling is done by designated Server & Rec-Server.
Available server mode:
Global Server . Recording Server . Global Mirror Server . Failover REC-Server . Archive Replication.

Macula Tools
Archive Backup Wizard Macula Registration and Activation
Server Setup Wizard
Server Backup and Restore
Problem Report Wizard
Water Mark Validator

Features comparison between macula versions.

Please download macula DATASHEET for easy read >

General, Server and Console

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Number of simultaneously connected cameras

4CH    24CH   48CH   72CH


Licensing type

Per server

Global server

Technical support

2 year since last available release date

Version updates

2 year since license activation date

Version update subscription plans

+2, +8 years

License upgrade option


through channel addon

Archive size/duration

Unlimited (storage limitations apply)

Clients application connections


Web application connections

Android and iOS  application connections

Local and Remote configuration management

Per each server


Local and Remote user management

Supported video stream resolutions


Supported cameras/devices

> 4000 models

Generic Device drivers: ONVIF, RTSP, PSIA, HTTP


Analogue PTZ protocols (via RS-232,422,485 ports)


32 and 64-bit versions

Both available

Video capture board support


E-mail notifications

Advanced Events & Actions (see full list below)

Available within each server

Global for all connected servers

Recording server auto discovery

Not applicable


Service mode


Software watchdog

Device auto discovery

Local storage support

Remote/network storage support

Storage configuration per camera

Camera/Device side motion detector support

Camera/Device side VCA event support

Software motion detector support

Motion information recording

Constant Video and Audio recording

Video and Audio recording by Motion

Recording profiles by Schedules

User permissions per each resource/component

Device and User grouping

User audit

System monitoring

HTTP API for third party integrations

Camera side multicast support

Live broadcasts (YouTube, Wawza, Generic RTMP)


Active directory & LDAP


E-maps & Geo-maps

Available within each server


Recording Server failover support

 Not available


Archive replication/backup within multiple servers

Video Wall support

Organizations hierarchy support

Remote upgrade for server, Console and Monitor


Edge recoding support (for ONVIF Profile G devices)


Support for Digital inputs (please refer link)

Support for Digital outputs (please refer link)

Client application multicast support

Software VCA support (additional licensing for analytics)

Visual data addons App support
(like LPR, Face, Bar Code, Access Control, etc)


Smart Logic Events and Actions

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Central server connected

 Not available


Central server disconnected

Global event

Disk excluding


Fallback activating


Motion started

Motion stopped

Recording error

User button clicked

Video lost

Video restored

Digital input

VCA event (edge/server-side)

Scheduled event

VDS addons app data event / value

Activate global event

Not available


Pop up an object on video wall display

Generate alert for main stream
(for alert-based recording)


Generate alert for sub stream

Pop up an object on screen (channel/map/layout)

Set condition

Unset condition

Write to application log

Write to audit log

Activate main stream recording profile

Activate sub stream recording profile

Send email

Send email with a snapshot

Run program

Activate PTZ preset

Control digital input

Highlight object on map

Send HTTP request

Send SNMP trap

Create archive bookmark with a user acknowledgement option

Send event to client: Display event in Alerts

Send event to client:  Display event in Notification panel

Send event to client: Display a Warning message box

Send event to client:  Trigger audio notification


Client, Mobile and Web

Compare Macula VMS Versions




32 and 64-bit versions

Both available

Server connections


Live video streaming


Live video sub stream support

Number of supported monitors

Instant playback


Archive forward and backward playback

Playback speed controls: regular, slow and fast

Archive Sequence search

Archive Smart search

Build-in and custom Layouts

Layout management

Layout sequences

PTZ, Iris and focus control

PTZ presets

PTZ tours

Digital PTZ

Fisheye and Panomorph dewarping

Motion detection status and overlay

Multiscreen setup


Export Snapshot from live view and archive

Video export from archive

Export Library

Operation modes: Always on top, Exclusivity and Locked

Advanced Information about live video stream

Video maintain aspect ratio mode

USB Joystick Support

Archive Bookmarks

Client application  security settings

Client application UI color configuration

User buttons


Shared Layouts

E-maps & Geo-maps

Visual data support

Archive Portable player


Server connections


H.264 streaming to Web and Mobile applications


Live video sub stream support

Up to 6 cameras per single live view for Mobile apps.

Up to 4 cameras per single live view for Web application

Hardware GPU utilization for Mobile application

Custom view layouts

Two-way audio support

PTZ control

PTZ presets

Archive playback

Save snapshots

Google Chromecast support

Video &  audio streaming from  mobile devices

Mobile App Push Notifications

Please download macula DATASHEET for easy read >


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