The Problem Lo vs. Hi Resolution Professional Deployment Get Started Image Usabilities  

(figure above actual HD CCTV footage in super wide coverage angle)

At GSF, we get the job done right. We are experts in HDCCTV surveillance systems and truly understand that every project is unique. You can be assured of a high definition optimised system where the evidence will be clear and conclusive.

Here’s step-by-step look at how we work:

step 1: Call for demo

A no-obligation demonstration of our HDCCTV technology, as well as engineered hardware and software
step 2: Site Visit

We'll be on-location to analyse your specific requirements and measure all parameters
step 3: System Design
& Pixel Calculation

We will develop your system framework and ensure it is optimised for HDCCTV
step 4: Budgets

We will discuss pricing and prepare a quotation based on your budget. The project will commence once we receive your PO
step 5: Deployment

All groundwork such as equipment installation and cabling will be implemented
step 6: Testing & Commisioning

All system hardware and software will be setup and activated for testing and fine-tuning
step 7: Training

End-users will be trained to operate the system efficiently by our engineers 
step 8: Continue monitor

After T&C done, all work will automatically enter 3 month grace period to monitor system perfomance, this to ensure all system is deployed properly.
step 9: Following-up

Call to followup on customer feedback, to ensure customer satisfaction


GSF can help you overcome common CCTV issues such as unclear evidence, as well as technical and integration problems.

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