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(figure above actual HD CCTV footage)

HDCCTV delivers crystal clear, detailed imaging with maximum field of view. This not only makes it easy to identify suspects or causes, but also improves the forensics value of captured videos in courts of law.

Resolution is a critical aspect in the effectiveness of a CCTV system.
HDCCTV provides the highest resolution possible so that your recordings are crystal clear.
In fact, our HDCCTV systems are even better than the HDTV in your home.

Resolutions 101

HDCCTV is based on a very simple fact, the more pixels, the better the resolution and video quality:

The alphabet A is easily recognised with just double the amount of pixels.
A typical HDCCTV system comes with thousands of pixels...imagine the difference!

(figure above actual HD CCTV footage)

Letís put HDCCTV to the test in a real surveillance environment.
Try to identify the registration number of the vehicle in the videos below:

Low-resolution analogue CCCTV footage

High-resolution HD CCCTV footage
(select 1440p HD from the setting and view full screen)

Did you manage to identify the registration number?
The evidence is obviously clearer in HDCCTV.


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