(figure above actual HD CCTV footage)

CCTV systems are more than just a crime deterrent. When the time comes,your system must be able to provide you with evidence as clearly as possible.

murin missing case The Problem
If you’re currently using low-resolution analogue CCTV, it is useful to remember the Nurin case, which resulted in the senseless death of a kidnapping victim largely due to the inability to identify the culprit because of poor quality CCTV recording. 

Read more about the Nurin case via onlin earticle:
Wikipedia: Murder of nurin case
In memory of Nurin Jazlin

Disclaimer: we are using this as general case study to improve crime prevention awearness, and education purpose only.

Actual snapshot of the culprit. But the low resolution recording made it impossible for Police to identify the person.

Wouldn’t you rather have a high quality HDCCTV recoding as evidence?


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