The Problem Lo vs. Hi Resolution Professional Deployment Get Started Image Usabilities  

(figure above actual HD CCTV footage)

Professional deployment is critical

Not all HDCCTV systems are the same. Professional deployment is the key to uncover the full benefits of high definition recording. A thorough understanding of pixel density is extremely important to ensure each and every pixel is optimised to delivery sharp images under differing conditions.

It is important to define the purpose of each installation and measure the target object for surveillance, be it for facial recognition or entry way.

In CCTV, we are more interested the horizon view than the vertical, because we see things from left to right. This call “Field-of-view” (FOV)

Now, recall from previous page. 3megapixel HDCCTV is 2048 pixels, and best analog CCTV is 704pixels, and a single flip door is about 1meter

Analog CCTV


A pixel density calculation has to be performed to ensure the optimum number of pixels required from the distance the camera is placed.

A analog CCTV camera is good up to 2 slip doors (2meter), where a 3megapixel HDCCTV camera can cover up tp 6 doors wide. Imagine these analog cameras in your premises, those field of view that see more than 2 door wide will not able to recognice human faces!

The HDCCTV system can then be configured for maximum sharpness in the field of view required.


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